Ryan SL Carpenter
Engineer - Product Manager - Tinkerer

Experience & Portfolio



I'm an engineer. I love to tinker. I have an eye for the small changes that can make a good thing great. I enjoy the chance to soak in all of the complex details of something, then distil it down into something that others can understand with ease.

I'm an explorer. I love to wander. My favorite way to visit a new city involves no guidebooks or tour guides, just a map, some bus fare and some tips on finding the best food. I can’t last more than a few minutes on a treadmill, but I’ll go running along mountain trails all afternoon.

I’m a swimmer. Although I don’t put in the yards that I used to in college, I still feel at home in the water. I enjoy the ability to control my body in minute ways to shave a fraction of a second off my race time or float, weightless, through a school of fish with my snorkel.